Welcome on the 20 Juli, 2019

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The Swedish Clydesdale and Shirehorsesociety's Nationalshow 2019

in Halmstad

Welcome to register your horse/s throug our form.

Registerfee is 400 swedish kronor for horse and 300 kr for foal.

Registerfee and stablefee pays to:

IBAN SE2280000827010047267067 BIC SWEDSESS Therese karlsson Jäders Åsby Karinsbacke 1 365 05 Eskilstuna, when you register but not later then 24/6. Remember to write your name and list the horses that are registered.

To show a horse in the Swedish Clydesdale and Shirehorsesocietys Nationalshow you must be a member in the society and have payed the fee for the year. The memberfee is 300 swedish kronor för single member and 500 swedish kronor for familymember. The memberfee pays to the acccount above and it must be payed no later then 24/6.

Booking of stable is done in the form when you register you horse to the show. The fee is 700 swedish kronor för 1 day and 1100 swedish kronor för 2 days. If you have more than one horse with you the stablefee will go down 25 % from stable nr 2, 3 and so on.

The stablefee includes: bedding and haylage.

It is possible to buy extra bedding on side.

You should take waterbucket, feedbucket and other feed with you if you wan't to use that. The stable has to be totally cleaned out, otherwise you will be charged extra 500 swedish kronor. 


Do not forget to print and fill in the horseownersstatement below before you come to the show.



1 day
2 days
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